A PSA for Good Omens Fans

BBC re-aired the radio version of Good Omens following Sir Terry’s death. All six half-hour episodes are still available for free for the next five days. Unlike with TV shows, iPlayer radio works anywhere in the world (though if you want to listen on mobile, you’ll have to download their app). » 5/01/15 9:14am Friday 9:14am

OKC Diary #13: ​…And Out With the New

First things first: Did you know that you can browse OKC anonymously even if you don't have A-list? I did not know this until misseleneous told me on Twitter yesterday and my mind has been blown. You can't see who has visited you, but you also don't show up as having visited other people. You just have to go into… » 4/05/15 3:12pm 4/05/15 3:12pm