Help me solve a hypothetical problem

So... say I hypothetically didn't turn in two short papers* on time earlier in the semester because my professor said that the only date he really cared about was the last day of class. And that hypothetically, I didn't get the other papers done by the last class, but he said I could turn them in at the start of the… » 12/11/14 8:39pm 12/11/14 8:39pm

Mary Lambert: Groupthink on Stage!

I saw Mary Lambert in concert this week and she was basically the best and you should go see her. If you squeezed Groupthink into one person and made her sing, you would probably get Mary Lambert. She was charming and hilarious and sparkly and she talked about love and rape and farts and body image and butts and… » 10/25/14 12:56pm 10/25/14 12:56pm