Welcome to Room for Seconds, a new food and cooking blog!

Room for Seconds is a group blog where the food lovers of the Kinjaverse can come together to share recipes, ask for advice, write restaurant reviews, and more. This is a space for everyone from professional chefs to the person who just now figured out how to get their stove to work. All are welcome, as long as you… » 4/22/14 5:11pm Yesterday 5:11pm

New Music: Ingrid Michaelson's "Lights Out"

This is a public service announcement for any Ingrid Michaelson fans, or people who aren't yet Ingrid Michaelson fans but like good music, that her newest album came out this week. I've been listening to it on Spotify today and it's pretty wonderful. Several bolder upbeat songs like "Girls Chase Boys" as well as the… » 4/17/14 3:17pm Thursday 3:17pm

Fluffycat wants to know: How is your Tuesday going?

For once, the fluffycat let me hang out on the bed next to him instead of running away, so mine is going pretty well. I also went to Decathlon (which is AWESOME) and bought new shorts to go under my dresses, since my old ones have massive holes in them. Probably because I've been wearing them for at least four years… » 4/15/14 12:17pm 4/15/14 12:17pm

Looking at Harassment through an Unusually Scaly Lens

Does it ever feel like being a woman in public is like being surrounded by dangerous animals? Well, one French artist has taken that feeling and put it to paper. Projet Crocodiles presents, through webcomics, the many ways in which women find themselves harassed, manipulated, assaulted, or otherwise harmed by the… » 4/09/14 5:12pm 4/09/14 5:12pm

NPR ombudsman weighs in on everyone's favorite racist team name

There's an interesting post up on NPR's website right now talking about whether or not media outlets have a responsibility to avoid using the name of Washington DC's NFL team. Ombudsman Edward Schumacher-Matos looks at everything from the history of the name and the opinions of Native American tribes and… » 3/20/14 9:13am 3/20/14 9:13am

I don't care if "not all men are like that", or, Why I assume the worst

It's sunny here, and this afternoon found me out by the river, choosing a patch of grass near a tree and sitting down to read. As I did so, I took note of the two men hanging out nearby—safe, ordinary guys, I thought. Just two friends enjoying the sunshine like everyone else. Even so, I took the scarf from my shoulders … » 3/18/14 5:17pm 3/18/14 5:17pm

Double Feature: 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and 'Only Lovers Left Alive'

Today I took advantage of €3.50 movie weekend and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and Only Lovers Left Alive, or as I like to call them, Hey, That's A Nice Set and You're Just Here For Hiddles, Aren't You? (This is a spoiler-free post, for those of you who are concerned about that sort of thing.) » 3/16/14 5:42pm 3/16/14 5:42pm