Guys Sitting Next to You: A Poll

I'm having a discussion about this on OKC right now. I had a first date a few weeks back (date #2) where I decided within five minutes that there probably wouldn't be a second date, in large part because he disregarded the open seat across the (very small) table from me and sat on the bench next to me. What are your… » 1/27/15 7:42pm Tuesday 7:42pm

Come learn a language with us!

Back in the day (like 2013), a bunch of GTers were all learning languages on Duolingo. Someone would post post an update every so often with the leaderboard, showing who was doing best that week. It was fun! It was a nice incentive to learn a new language! And, since a bunch of us on Twitter just got a email calling… » 1/03/15 9:55pm 1/03/15 9:55pm