Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 12

Since it's almost the end of the month, you get a special DOUBLE leaderboard this week—I've included the March rankings as well. But first, congrats to this week's top-scorer: reddpanda! » 3/29/15 11:45am Sunday 11:45am

OKC Diary #11: Watch Out For Dem Killin' Machines

This week, we have a trip to the zoo, a surprise appearance from a familiar face, and a vast indescribable collection of tupperware. » 3/22/15 12:35pm 3/22/15 12:35pm

Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 11

It's officially spring! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and gendered nouns are still basically the worst. After being bumped last week, MaggiePye is back at the top of our leaderboard this week! » 3/22/15 11:07am 3/22/15 11:07am

Good Things Post

I have a gender-neutral first name. Today I sent an email to someone for work and got a response addressed to Ms. Bonnet, not Mr. Bonnet. This made me happy (perhaps slightly irrationally so). The puppy gif is unrelated to this but puppies. » 3/16/15 4:47pm 3/16/15 4:47pm

Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 10

Beware the Ides of March! Or don't, because you're not Caesar, you're just learning a foreign language and those two have nothing in common, really. Congrats to this week's leader, teleute1313, also known (I think) as LaDaDi! » 3/15/15 11:22am 3/15/15 11:22am

Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 9

Happy Sunday, everyone! Fun fact: The best way to forget about the fact that you lost an hour of your weekend overnight is to learn a new language. It's science! Congrats to this week's leader, MaggiePye! » 3/08/15 11:27am 3/08/15 11:27am

How to Hit On a Woman at Her Place of Employment

It looks like you're a cool, hip fella who enjoys such cool, hip activities as "occasionally leaving your house" and "interacting with other people." Congrats! While involved in one such activity, you've come across an attractive young woman who happens to be working, perhaps at a restaurant or event venue. You would… » 3/07/15 11:34am 3/07/15 11:34am

A Dilemma

I've been wanting brownies lately, so when I went shopping on Sunday I picked up a box of brownie mix but hadn't gotten around to making them yet. Today my roommate started a 10-day Master Cleanse.* So now my options are a) be a terrible roommate by baking brownies when my roommate can't eat them, or b) wait a week… » 3/05/15 4:37pm 3/05/15 4:37pm

OKC Diary #8: Snakes on a Dating Site

No new dates this week, so instead you get some updates about familiar faces, plus some... interesting... characters from my messages. » 3/01/15 7:51pm 3/01/15 7:51pm

Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 8

We're two months into our Duolingo-ing, and while a lot of us have had... erm... less than ideal results, some folks are still going strong! Case in point: this week's leader, who I'm pretty sure is using some kind of weird voodoo to get her points. Congrats to MaggiePye! » 3/01/15 1:56pm 3/01/15 1:56pm

Duolingo Leaderboard: Week 7

This week has been cold and miserable in a lot of places, which made it the perfect time to sit on the couch learning a language, right? Um... maybe not. In any case, congrats to our first two-week winner, MaggiePye! » 2/22/15 9:36am 2/22/15 9:36am

It's like he's staring into my soul

I was responding to an OKC message and it took much longer than I expected it to because I kept getting distracted by the glasses ad on the left. Is he on OKC? I want him. » 2/21/15 12:42pm 2/21/15 12:42pm